Picture of a Guitar
  • Learn to keep your guitar in tune
  • Learn basic chord shapes and discover where these shapes can be used
  • Gain flexibility in change between chords and learning about anchors
  • Develop strum patterns and finger picking styles
  • Develop your ability to play by ear
  • Learn to feel your way into the music
  • Developing rhythm
  • Find your music within and bring to the surface
  • Find the chords for your songs
  • Develop confidence in playing or singing
  • Learn about playing in a devotional setting
  • Preparing for performance
  • And much much more!

I teach innate musicianship through voice, guitar and piano to all ages, preferring to help pupils find their own musical interests and allow their individual musical expression to develop naturally rather than following the conventional graded routes which, while enabling a competent level of technique, often leaves a pupil unable to play their instrument without needing sheet music.

I believe we all have music written deeply within us and can learn to reach in and share our music with confidence and love.